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11/7/17 progress report


Built a new lumber/canoe storage rack and cleaned up all the pile of old lumber


Some bracing

36" deep and mushroom shaped to hopefully prevent any lift during hurricanes.  Mostly 8 to 10 bags of concrete per support.


Extended eves



Eve extension done, temporary supports for gutter install


Gutter fab


There is 60' of eve.  The gutter to the left here, about 40', drains the main roof, the old galvanized.  This will drain into the field for now and eventually  be used for a banana and fig grove planned to in at the end of the pole barn.  This drains through the 4" sewer pipe temporarily in place (it'll be permanent once I'm sure it drains well.  The second gutter system, 40' to the right, will drain the new roofing and go into a cistern system.

Painting, painting, always painting.


Temporary walls down, studs going in.

Form for footer

And pour.  Days end.

12/7/17 update



Paneling all up and nails all sunk flush.




And windows all cut in, yeah.  I can finally see the progress.  All the zillion little jobs that had to be done but didn't really reflect any progress are about done. Now I'm seeing results.  Prime, paint, paint, hang windows and this section is mostly done.  Oh, and finish, somehow, the walkway along this wall so it drains properly.  Another of those zillion niggling jobs that don't show progress.



Another of those time eating little jobs that crop up.  I realized I had to paint the footers or this would look worse than it does anyway, so dig out the footers, again, prime, paint paint.  But when I dug them out the first time and primed them a could front came through with it's pouring rain and washed all my primer away.  I knew it was on the way but could get out of paint mode.  After that happened I gave the painting a few days rest to let everything dry out.


A little side job, a tractor shed built out of scraps.

Windows are just in with a few screws but I had to treat myself to  a view painted with windows in.  Lots and lots of small finish up projects but only one big one left, putting on the new roofing.  Good old SS come Wednesday is going to tote the note on that and I'll try and get it mostly finished up by the first of the year.

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