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update 12/19

The tractor lean-too roof installed


The garden slopes down to the pole barn and the siding must be kept dry so I had to put in a bit of a retaining wall to keep the dirt back and have a level walk way.  All scrap lumber and fence posts and it looks like scrap but it does the job.

This part of the pole barn is subject to blowing rain which left the backside of the siding exposed.  I needed some way to keep this area dry so water wouldn't sit on the backside framing and damage the siding.  Old metal roofing to the rescue.


12/23 update

Roofing is ordered but won't get here until 12/28 so I'm just cleaning up the mess and trying to change gears into doing something else for awhile.  Plant some new plants, get the RV ready for a road trip, maybe read a book again.  But at least the shop is getting usable.





update 1/9/17

The roofing came in and wet up without a glitch. 

Two separate gutter systems here, one for garden cistern system and one, on right, for household needs if power is out.  I have it all temporarily plumbed with 4" sewer pipe until I figure out just what I want to do and buy the barrels for water storage.  Plan right now is 600 gallons for garden beds, gravity fed, and 600 gallons for household use, drinking.


This section also has gutters for the household cistern system.


One last little project, pouring pads for the RV to be parked on so I don't have to level the RV every time I pull it in.





Still a lot of little projects planned but for the most part, done.  I need to finish off the cistern system, put some lights in the shop, put power plugs around, much the walkway under the new overhang, hand up all my old nautical stuff from the old office. But none of those are critical and will be done as I need a small project to entertain myself.





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