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Pole barn shop project



The new shop.  I moved everything back away from the edge of the pole barn so it wouldn't get soaked in blowing rain.  Leveled all the shelving properly and put in a wood floor.



The old barn before revations.  All the this roof showing has been refastened.  Originally fastened with gasketed galvanized ring shank roofing nails, over time they had deteriorated.  The upper pole barn and lean-to section with the shop was refastened with a special oversized screw.  The extension 24X24 roof was in such bad shape I decided to bebuild the structure and replace the roof.  The siding will be replaced with the same siding as the house.  New vynal windows will be installed.

Salvaged old deck materaial for shop floor.  I have 2X10X12s stacked in the carport for the new house deck.


Moved the shed over one bay and then under the cover to keep it cooler in the sun.


Life is good here.


Pulled the roofing off the extension to the poe barn to use as temporary hurricane siding. 



Old posts were 4X4 set in dirt.  New are 4x6 set in concrete

This is the RV to be sewer pipe currently being used as an extension to the gutter until new gutter is up.


Pressure cleaned, primed and two coats of paint on the existing good wood.


Lots of this stuff and lots of mixing

New footers poured and walls mounted to footers.  This was done in blowing cold rain of the approaching hurricane that wasn't

The new siding.  It's been primed on both sides and painted gloss white for the inside.  I had to stack it out of the way during hurrican prep


New stud walls where I propertly attached the pole barn extension to the lean-to shop.


My temporary roof supporting jack stands powered by bottle jacks. I jack the roof up then rebuild the supports.

Some of the old structure, pieced together from rotten wood.




New column




Lumber yard.  10 2x6x16 for joists, 15 2x10x12 for new deck

Chop shop...

 and paint shop.  These are braces and joist end caps.

Posts and columns all in

New center support with roof supported by temporary beams

Cut and painted joists waiting and old lumber cleaned

And a little break to build a garden for Donna


Nothing left standing of the old pole barn, finally.  Still plenty more framing to get up in the air before I can put the roof on but all the old, rotten, moldy original with all it's million rusty bent over nails, gone!!!  The braces and joist end caps in a previous photo need to go up still plus the roof pearlins.  No doubt ther's some other stuff I'm forgetting.

Well, gone but not forgotten.  I remove all the nails then chop it all into 1' or so pieces to take to the dump.  One load at a time eventually gets it done.

Some old, some new, most of this will be reused elsewhere for something.

Buckets and buckets of rusty nails.

The original joists were 14', as seen on the shop here on the left.  You can't buy 14' pressure treated lumber here for some reason.  8', 10', 12', or 16', but not 14'.  Rather than cut all the 16' joists down to 14' I left them full length, as you can see from the new white joists extending 2' past the old roof line.  I've decided to extend the old joists out to 16' with extenders so the roof line is the same all the way down.  By doing that I'll gain a covered walkway down the side of the building and it should keep my shop cooler by shading the east facing wall.  This is something I just decided to do a day or so ago and it presents it's own set of problems but I'm sure something workable will come up.  One thing it will do for sure is make use of some of the salvaged lumber.

These are some joists I extended on the pump house.  The roof originally stopped flush with the wall. These are 2X4 extensions and the others will be 2x6, but the same idea.  The pole barn and shop will look as much like this pump house as possible when finished.

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